Date Night Look

Let me get right to it…date nights are imperative in our household.  Our little man has consumed our lives, in the best way possible.  And, it goes without saying that we love him unconditionally.  HOWEVER, we love our date nights without him too.  It gives us a chance to have a full conversation without hearing “mom” “mom” “mamma” “dad” “look at my face”.  Our conversations mostly consist of our son & his crazy antics, but it’s a date night all the same.

Our most recent night out consisted of dinner & drinks at a Mexican restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh and a fun night at the casino with friends.  We didn’t hit big, but at least I got to wear this new ruffle sleeved blouse & my favorite Madewell crossbody.




As always – comfortable & effortless housewife style xoxx


#OOTD -Play Mat T-Shirt

Unfortunately, my son caught a nasty bug this week so my outfits have consisted of mostly leggings & slouchy tees.  Posting an Outfit Of The Day is the last thing on my mind, plus I doubt anyone is interested in what booger covered tee I’m rocking today 🙂

I am, however, super excited to share this fun tee I purchased for my husband’s birthday. This Play Mat Shirt courtesy of BKYKID on Etsy is by far one of my favorite purchases to date!


My husband was a little confused at first, but once I explained the concept of turning into a live play mat for our son, he loved the idea!  I definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a fun & unique holiday gift.



As always – comfortable & effortless housewife style xoxx

Boys will be boys

We’ve all heard it before, “boys will be boys”.  Until I had a son, I thought this saying was just an excuse for bad behavior.  However, I have found over the past two years that boys truly are made of snaps and snails and puppy dog tails.

I am sure that there are parents out there that will disagree with this but through my experience boys and girls are inherently different.  What makes them tick is different.  It’s neither good nor bad, just different.  Being in MOMS Club, I have had the chance to observe the way the kids interact and play with one another.  Though they all get along & all have their moments, it’s mostly the little boys who are impatient for lines, would rather explore than sit & listen to a story, are climbing up the slide and are yelling, chasing and playing tag.



My son has such a big imagination!  Whether he’s a loud, stomping dinosaur or a fast, flying plane I often find myself apologizing for the way he plays.  Which is ridiculous!  The other day I read an article on Scary Mommy titled A Plea for Boyhood and Rough Play.  I loved reading this article!  It basically states that boys need to be boys & that by saying “things like “Hands off!” and “Quiet down!” to our boys, we are asking them to suppress something innate inside of them”.


It’s time to let my son be himself & play like a boy should.  No more stressing out if he’s playing too loudly in the library or running too fast at the park or exploring underneath the dinner table when we go out to eat.  After all, it’s through his energetic, creative & rowdy play that he will learn & grow.

#OOTD – Casual Monday

The rain has finally stopped & the sun is shining bright.  The grass may still be wet but we’re taking advantage of this beautiful Monday!  Forget about the bubble mower, the swing set or even the cozy coupe car…our new obsession is walking up & down the steps.



For me, taking advantage of this beautiful day entails a cotton maxi dress & denim jacket accompanied by a layered necklace from StitchFix & my Lacoste wrap bracelet


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As always – comfortable & effortless housewife style xoxx


Mommin’ Ain’t Easy

Celebrating Mother’s Day over the weekend brought me to reflect on my journey as a mom.  It has not been easy.  In fact, it has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  From sleepless nights to struggles within my marriage, to almost 2 years later trying to potty train & control my toddler’s tantrums…did I say this hasn’t been easy?!

But with struggle comes reward.  We have the most adventurous, full of life, loving, funny as hell little man.  Before our son arrived, my husband & I would see parents with frustration on their faces glare at their children while their kids did cute, witty things.  We couldn’t understand why they weren’t laughing or at least smiling at their mischiefs.


It was then we told ourselves we would cherish those little moments, laugh more than we yelled and encourage our son to be bold.  Even through the sleepless nights & frustrating days of reasoning with a toddler I find myself constantly laughing at his shenanigans.  Our little comedian brings a smile to my face every day.

We are so blessed to have such a healthy, energetic son in our lives.  He has taught us to be patient, communicate better and not to sweat the small stuff.




Citrus Peels & Vino

I love spending Sunday afternoons in the kitchen.  My husband entertains the babe & I am able to get lost in my own little world of cooking, baking, and more often than not, enjoying a quiet glass of wine.  Who are we kidding, it’s never quiet in this house.  But, at least I get to enjoy a glass of wine!

This past Sunday I finally perfected my homemade Potato Chips & experimented with making French Fries in the oven.  My husband claimed he didn’t like homemade fries, but when he tried this recipe he requested I make them every night.  So I guess they out turned okay 🙂 For the Fries, I adapted a recipe I found on Pinterest from Layers of Happiness.  I basically just used coconut oil, sea salt & garlic to make a healthy alternative to fast food fries.


Earlier in the week a Facebook post caught my eye on how to make candied fruit peels.  With all the fruit we’ve been eating & cooking with lately I thought this would be the perfect way to use the discarded peels.


For my candied peels I adapted a recipe from Glorious Treats that I’m excited to share.  I ended up using peels from oranges, lemons & tangerines.  I cut & cleaned the peels into bite size strips that would make for easy snacking.  The recipe suggested boiling the peels in equal parts water & sugar, but since we’re watching our sugar intake I didn’t use nearly as much sugar.

Once the peels were translucent, I drained them & laid them over a bed of sprinkled sugar.  I rolled them in the sugar until they were fully covered; again, using about 1/4 of the suggested amount.  I let the peels soak in the sugar for about 15 minutes before transferring them to a cooling rack to dry.  I saved the leftover sugar for future citrus-flavored recipes.



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Sleep is overrated #MomLife

I hate to even say this out loud in fear of jinxing myself, but my son is finally sleeping through the night.  21 long, exhausting, mind numbing months and he is FINALLY sleeping!  For the last year I’ve monitored our daily routines, kept a food journal & encouraged a healthy bedtime routine.  I’ve tried to do everything under the sun to pinpoint what I was doing right or wrong… at the end of the day it was up to him.  It was my son who decided one day he wasn’t going to be a nighttime bandit.

You would think that after almost two years of sleep deprivation I would cherish a good night’s sleep.  Yet, every night I lay awake staring at the wall; almost waiting for him to wake up screaming & attempting to climb out of his crib. 

Here’s to hoping I get rid of these dark circles & get use to this amazing gift my son has given me, sleep!


Clean Eats in the Oven

It’s been a little over a week since we started avoiding processed foods & ingredients we couldn’t pronounce.  I wish I could say that I have more energy, but I don’t.  It’s not the foods fault though…my son doesn’t sleep.  Apparently it doesn’t matter how well I eat or how much coffee I drink, I’m constantly in a zombie-like state.  Oh the woes of motherhood lol

Anyways, I’m excited to share some easy, clean recipes that my family has fallen in love with!  When we first started this clean eating journey, my husband & I were most worried about our snacking habits.  Potato chips were and still are our go-to snack of choice.  Making our own chips was so much easier than I imagined; time consuming, but easy.


I literally just sliced potatoes with my mandolin, let them soak in water for 20 minutes to remove excess oil & lined them on a baking sheet.  I brushed them with melted coconut oil & sprinkled them with sea salt.  I let them bake on high (400 degrees) until they started to brown, about 20 minutes.  I can’t wait to try this with sweet potatoes!

I love to bake & I’ve found some pretty tasty, all-natural recipes for breads & muffins that my family has fallen in love with!  Click on the links below to try them out for yourself!  When making the muffins, I substituted almond milk & vanilla Greek yogurt rather than nonfat milk & plain yogurt.  The texture was a little drier than the muffins we’re use to, but they tasted great & there was no guilt!  I also doubled the recipe, since 6 muffins would not have lasted long in our household.

Lemon Blueberry Muffins – Courtesy of Amy’s Healthy Baking


Low Sugar Zucchini Bread – Courtesy of One Strange Herd



Jumping on the Clean Eating band wagon

When my son first started eating solid foods I made everything from scratch.  I utilized my Baby Bullet to make healthy concoctions and only used fresh local produce & organic grass-fed chicken.  However, as time went on and he got older, I got lazier.  Maybe lazy isn’t a good word, more like exhausted, overworked & time constricted.  I found myself cooking with canned vegetables & boxed pastas more often and offering my husband and son chips & store bought muffins as snacks.

Over time we started to feel weighed down from all of the processed foods we were eating & snacking on.  On top of that, both my husband & son have sensitive stomachs and were taking medicine to cope.  We had to make a lifestyle change….

Eating clean seemed like such a fad to me.  Every time I turned around people were saying they were clean eating, or going vegan.  How ridiculous!  Or, was there something to this “eating good, feeling good” thing?  After doing some research we decided to jump on the band wagon.  We decluttered our cabinets & filled our fridge with fresh produce & lean meats.  It hasn’t been easy or cheap.  My kitchen is a madhouse from all of the prepping, cooking & baking.  Dishes are scattered across the countertops because the dishwasher is constantly full.  But, knowing that my boys are getting the vitamins and healthy fats they need makes it all worth it. 

Of course, I’m not giving up my wine & there will be times we go out to dinner or decide to make nachos.  But at the end of the day, I’m hoping that by avoiding most processed foods we’ll gain more energy, manage existing stomach conditions & get the nutrition we need without taking supplements.

Wish us luck!!!

Balancing Act of a Working Mom

After a year and a half hiatus, I decided to start working again.  As if my days as a SAHM weren’t already a cluster of responsibilities I thought I’d add something else to my plate.  But this, like my blog, is something to call my own.  This new venture back in the fashion world has given me purpose; not that my husband & son don’t – they’re my life, but this is different.

I love being able to do something I’m passionate about from the comfort of my home.  However, finding a balance between being a SAHM and a working mom wasn’t easy.  I hate to admit it, but during my first week I focused solely on myself & onboarding.  I was so caught up in my training & meeting goals that I let everything else fall to the wayside.  I cancelled play dates & let my son watch way too many cartoons, I forgot to finish laundry, dust bunnies invaded the bathrooms and dinner was frozen pizza…I’m not superwoman, but this was not what I had signed up for.

Now, after a few weeks I have finally found my balance.  It was hard, but with the help of my AMAZING husband our household is fully functional again!  I’ve learned to prioritize, make lists, communicate better & ask for help when needed.  My son still gets to go on playdates & field trips, my husband has clean underwear & I get to work from home, win – win!