Buyer Beware!

I took the risk of clicking on one of the Facebook ads that relentlessly dance in my face as I scroll through my newsfeed.  The site was called Rosegal – A fast growing global online fashion store which offers the very best in retro style and unique vintage fashion products.  Or so they say…

As I looked through the site I fell in love with several pieces.  The clothing was stylish and appeared to be well made.  Even though my gut & numerous customer reviews told me not to waste my money, I ended up purchasing a dress and a top.  The cost for both items was under $20 so I figured I wasn’t at a great loss if the clothing never arrived or if it wasn’t what I expected.

My order arrived a week later which I thought was fantastic since most of the customer reviews said it took months for their purchases to arrive.  When I opened the small plastic package I laughed out loud to myself.  I should have known better than to order anything from this site, but honestly what did I expect for $20.

Item #1: Casual Scoop Collar Half Sleeve Loose Fitting Dress

20151001_171932          20151001_173655

As you can see, the dress is anything but loose fitting. I am rather small on top (thanks to my son & breastfeeding) and I could barely get the dress over my chest!  Based on their size chart I ordered a size small; my usual size.  From the fabrication to the hemline, the construction of the dress is so poorly done that it’s almost embarrassing.  The stitching looks like a small child completed it – need I say more.

Item 2: Sweet V-neck White Lace Spliced Short Sleeve T-shirt

20151001_172125          , 20151001_173950

The shirt isn’t as bad as the dress.  The fit is boxy and the fabric is very sheer, but maybe I’ll wear it underneath a jacket just to say I did.  Morale of the story, when something seems too good to be true it usually is.


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