Joining a Mom’s Group saved my sanity

Being a Stay at Home Mom can get lonely fast.  Although, I was constantly with my son I missed having adult conversations and found myself slowly losing my mind.  My friends nearby didn’t have kids and my husband had a hard time relating to my SAHM struggles.  I finally did some research and came across an app called MeetUp.  Through MeetUp I was able to find several mom’s groups in my area & ended up joining MOMS Club, an international group with chapters in all 50 states.  At first, I was a little embarrassed to admit I joined a group I had found online, but now I embrace it!  Not only am I able to surround myself with women who are going through the same things as I am, but my son & I get the chance to embark on some pretty amazing adventures such as visiting a local dairy farm, hiking through a nature reserve, riding a tractor through a pumpkin patch and going to the Aviary!  Not to mention, we have monthly Mom’s Night Out events that give me a chance to unwind with a glass of wine.

I encourage every SAHM to connect with other mom’s in their community!  You’ll have the opportunity to build lasting relationships and it will save you from bombarding your husband with poop stories when he walks through the door.

Click on the link below to find your local MOMS Club chapter



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