How to host a successful party!

I love any excuse to get out my serving trays & wine glasses.  Whether it’s a dinner party, Labor Day BBQ, game night or ladies night in, getting friends & family together is always a blast!  For me, the key to hosting a successful party is being prepared and organized.  I start my planning process by answering the following questions…

  • Where will I be entertaining i.e. kitchen, dining room, living room, outside deck/patio?
  • What food can I serve that’s appropriate for where we’ll be gathering i.e. full meal, hors devours, chips & dip?
  • What kind of beverages will go with the food I’m serving i.e. wine & cheese, beer & burgers?

Last night I had the opportunity to host a Ladies Night In!  My girlfriend sells Thirty-One Gifts so it was a great reason to get everyone together.  Before I got myself ready for the evening I set the stage by arranging the serving trays, making sure there was enough seating and lighting a yummy pumpkin spice candle.  I have learned that it’s less stressful if I can prepare as much as possible before guests arrive.  I hate when people are arriving & I’m still getting organized.


Once I was dressed & ready for the evening I poured myself a glass of red wine and put the white wine on ice.  It’s important to have variety of beverages on hand.  I suggest having a dry & a sweet wine as well as non-alcoholic options for those that don’t drink.  Last night I offered my guests Cabernet (dry red), Chardonnay (dry white), Riesling & Prosecco (both sweeter whites) as well as soda and bottled water.


I invited my guests to arrive at 7 PM.  By inviting them post-dinner I was able to prepare lighter fare and avoid preparing a big meal.  I offered cheese & meat trays, fresh fruit, bread with dipping oils and blondie brownie bites.  My go-to for hosting any get together is a big cheese tray!  It’s so easy to prepare and I get the chance to use my favorite cheese board.


The most important thing to remember when you’re hosting a party is to have fun!  As the hostess you set the tone for the party, so relax & enjoy yourself.

For some great cheese tray ideas & wine pairing options visit the below links.


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