Jumping on the Clean Eating band wagon

When my son first started eating solid foods I made everything from scratch.  I utilized my Baby Bullet to make healthy concoctions and only used fresh local produce & organic grass-fed chicken.  However, as time went on and he got older, I got lazier.  Maybe lazy isn’t a good word, more like exhausted, overworked & time constricted.  I found myself cooking with canned vegetables & boxed pastas more often and offering my husband and son chips & store bought muffins as snacks.

Over time we started to feel weighed down from all of the processed foods we were eating & snacking on.  On top of that, both my husband & son have sensitive stomachs and were taking medicine to cope.  We had to make a lifestyle change….

Eating clean seemed like such a fad to me.  Every time I turned around people were saying they were clean eating, or going vegan.  How ridiculous!  Or, was there something to this “eating good, feeling good” thing?  After doing some research we decided to jump on the band wagon.  We decluttered our cabinets & filled our fridge with fresh produce & lean meats.  It hasn’t been easy or cheap.  My kitchen is a madhouse from all of the prepping, cooking & baking.  Dishes are scattered across the countertops because the dishwasher is constantly full.  But, knowing that my boys are getting the vitamins and healthy fats they need makes it all worth it. 

Of course, I’m not giving up my wine & there will be times we go out to dinner or decide to make nachos.  But at the end of the day, I’m hoping that by avoiding most processed foods we’ll gain more energy, manage existing stomach conditions & get the nutrition we need without taking supplements.

Wish us luck!!!


5 thoughts on “Jumping on the Clean Eating band wagon

  1. Clean eating is hard! We started when my daughter started solids because I began to wonder how Gerber food remained fresh after years BUT anyway I completely understand your struggle and those moments when we prepare food and she doesnt eat it lol.

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