Now that I have a child…

There are so many things that I have learned to take for granted as an adult.  When did the sunset become boring?  When did making meals become a chore?  How did I forget how beautiful the flowers, ladybugs & birds are?

Now that I have a child I get the chance to see the world from his eyes and what a curious, wonderful perspective it is!  He finds joy & laughter in the things that I have trained myself to overlook which in-turn has helped me to appreciate those things again.

Now that I have a child I get the chance to literally stop & smell the roses.  He loves the colors, the textures & the variety of flowers he sees.  They make his nose crinkle & his smile grow big.


Now that I have a child I get the opportunity to chase the geese at the park, pick up the ladybugs in the backyard & hold the wooly caterpillar that scurries across the sidewalk.

Now that I have a child I get the joy of waking up in the middle of the night to rock my little man back to sleep.  At first these mid-sleep wake up calls were more than annoying, but I have begun to cherish the late night snuggle sessions and the quiet bliss of 2 am.

Now that I have a child I get to wake up at the crack of dawn to experience the morning sunrise; something I have never truly appreciated since waking at 5 or 6 am didn’t exist.  My son & I sit in the morning room and gaze at the pinks, reds and yellows of the morning sun – breathtaking.


Now that I have a child preparing dinner & making healthy meals is an exciting adventure, especially since he is captivated by what’s happening in the kitchen.  I make fresh breads & applesauce regularly and have experimented with new recipes such as chicken zucchini fritters, stuffed shells and parmesan meatballs.

Since the moment I became a mother my world has been turned upside down; I live in a fast-paced, exhausted, mad world of a toddler & I wouldn’t have it any other way.  The love I have for him is unexplainable, it’s just…wonderful.



3 thoughts on “Now that I have a child…

  1. This is SO precious, and SO true. I truly think having a child, really makes us stop for a minute, and realize how beautiful life really is. Yay for the 2am wake-up calls! 🙂

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