Balancing Act of a Working Mom

After a year and a half hiatus, I decided to start working again.  As if my days as a SAHM weren’t already a cluster of responsibilities I thought I’d add something else to my plate.  But this, like my blog, is something to call my own.  This new venture back in the fashion world has given me purpose; not that my husband & son don’t – they’re my life, but this is different.

I love being able to do something I’m passionate about from the comfort of my home.  However, finding a balance between being a SAHM and a working mom wasn’t easy.  I hate to admit it, but during my first week I focused solely on myself & onboarding.  I was so caught up in my training & meeting goals that I let everything else fall to the wayside.  I cancelled play dates & let my son watch way too many cartoons, I forgot to finish laundry, dust bunnies invaded the bathrooms and dinner was frozen pizza…I’m not superwoman, but this was not what I had signed up for.

Now, after a few weeks I have finally found my balance.  It was hard, but with the help of my AMAZING husband our household is fully functional again!  I’ve learned to prioritize, make lists, communicate better & ask for help when needed.  My son still gets to go on playdates & field trips, my husband has clean underwear & I get to work from home, win – win!



4 thoughts on “Balancing Act of a Working Mom

  1. I love the part “my husband has clean underwear”. I am a new mommy, with a two month old baby, and juggling baby and household duties is often times a struggle. I’ve had my husband ask “can we get a fresh pair of underwear around here?!”. I go back to work in a month and am nervous to see how I add that responsibility into the already large list. I’m glad to hear you managed to figure it out! I’m sure I’ll have a blog post about my transition into working mommy soon after I start working. Hope you check it out!

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