#OOTD Fall Layers

It’s finally starting to feel like fall here in Pittsburgh & I couldn’t be more excited!  This is by far my favorite season; the crisp autumn mornings, the holidays & family gatherings and of course, an excuse to drink hot rum apple cider!

Yesterday my husband & I decided to do a spontaneous family date night.  Another favorite of mine 🙂 Dinner & drinks, a little shopping, topped off with game night with our little man.  If you haven’t played Pop the Pig yet, you’re missing out.

It was one of those in-between evenings where the weather isn’t quite cold but it’s not hot either.  A ‘bring a layer’ kind of night.  I decided to wear my new Liverpool Bootcut Jeans from my recent Fix along with this lightweight elbow patch knit I picked up from Marshalls & my go-to boyfriend blazer from H&M.  The perfect toddler-approved date night look!



As always – comfortable & effortless housewife style xoxx

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Date Night Look

Let me get right to it…date nights are imperative in our household.  Our little man has consumed our lives, in the best way possible.  And, it goes without saying that we love him unconditionally.  HOWEVER, we love our date nights without him too.  It gives us a chance to have a full conversation without hearing “mom” “mom” “mamma” “dad” “look at my face”.  Our conversations mostly consist of our son & his crazy antics, but it’s a date night all the same.

Our most recent night out consisted of dinner & drinks at a Mexican restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh and a fun night at the casino with friends.  We didn’t hit big, but at least I got to wear this new ruffle sleeved blouse & my favorite Madewell crossbody.




As always – comfortable & effortless housewife style xoxx

#OOTD -Play Mat T-Shirt

Unfortunately, my son caught a nasty bug this week so my outfits have consisted of mostly leggings & slouchy tees.  Posting an Outfit Of The Day is the last thing on my mind, plus I doubt anyone is interested in what booger covered tee I’m rocking today 🙂

I am, however, super excited to share this fun tee I purchased for my husband’s birthday. This Play Mat Shirt courtesy of BKYKID on Etsy is by far one of my favorite purchases to date!


My husband was a little confused at first, but once I explained the concept of turning into a live play mat for our son, he loved the idea!  I definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a fun & unique holiday gift.



As always – comfortable & effortless housewife style xoxx

Boys will be boys

We’ve all heard it before, “boys will be boys”.  Until I had a son, I thought this saying was just an excuse for bad behavior.  However, I have found over the past two years that boys truly are made of snaps and snails and puppy dog tails.

I am sure that there are parents out there that will disagree with this but through my experience boys and girls are inherently different.  What makes them tick is different.  It’s neither good nor bad, just different.  Being in MOMS Club, I have had the chance to observe the way the kids interact and play with one another.  Though they all get along & all have their moments, it’s mostly the little boys who are impatient for lines, would rather explore than sit & listen to a story, are climbing up the slide and are yelling, chasing and playing tag.



My son has such a big imagination!  Whether he’s a loud, stomping dinosaur or a fast, flying plane I often find myself apologizing for the way he plays.  Which is ridiculous!  The other day I read an article on Scary Mommy titled A Plea for Boyhood and Rough Play.  I loved reading this article!  It basically states that boys need to be boys & that by saying “things like “Hands off!” and “Quiet down!” to our boys, we are asking them to suppress something innate inside of them”.


It’s time to let my son be himself & play like a boy should.  No more stressing out if he’s playing too loudly in the library or running too fast at the park or exploring underneath the dinner table when we go out to eat.  After all, it’s through his energetic, creative & rowdy play that he will learn & grow.

Is it nap time yet?

In an earlier blog post My Glimpse into Morning Refuge I wrote about starting my day in a peaceful state before the madness began.  Ever since that entry I have tried to set my alarm & wake up before my son, but he always beats me to the punch; I swear he knows I’m trying to start my day without him!  Such a sweetheart but he definitely has a fear of missing out (#FOMO).

Every morning is a different adventure, especially since he is 16 months and ever-changing.  This morning was no exception.  My little man either caught a cold or is congested from playing in the foliage while picking apples & pumpkins, either way he hasn’t been sleeping at night.  Last night he was asleep and in bed by 8 PM but woke up coughing & crying at 9 PM, 11 PM, midnight, 2 AM, 5 AM and 6:30 AM. Needless to say, I maybe got 2 hours of sleep.  He didn’t sleep well the night before either (no shocker there, he normally wakes up at least twice), but I was hoping for a good un-interrupted 5 hours.

Exhausted & half asleep I decided to put him in bed with me to watch Mickey Mouse while I closed my eyes & slowly woke up.  By 7 AM he was bored & ready for breakfast.  We did our morning routine of making the bed & brushing our teeth before heading downstairs to the kitchen.  He drank a sippy cup of almond milk (whole milk upsets his stomach) while I put away last night’s dishes.  Once his milk was gone he was ready for a banana which he ate while taking all of the pots & pans out of the cabinet.  At 7:30 he ate a big bowl of multi-grain Cheerios while I quickly checked my e-mail and talked to my husband.  Eating cereal usually takes him 30 minutes since he likes to feed himself every other bite.

Once breakfast was finished and his cheerio-made chaos was cleaned up I decided to make Apple Cinnamon Muffins.  I put Curious George on the TV while I mixed my ingredients, but within 5 minutes my little man was in the kitchen ready to help.  I love his interest with cooking/baking so I let him stir the apples into the batter.  While pouring the batter into the muffin tins my quick, curious babe grabbed the glass measuring cup; in hindsight I should have used a metal one.  Before I could react it smashed to the floor, but I guess it’s not an adventure without an accident!  I put him in the pack n play so I could sweep and vacuum the glass pieces.  He seemed very content so I let him hang out in there with his stuffed animals while I FINALLY made a cup of coffee!  In those few moments to myself I wrote this blog entry which probably doesn’t make much sense since it was rushed, but it was such a busy weekend and I have not had the chance to write in a while.

It is only 9:30 AM and we’ve already made a mess, broke something, baked muffins, ate breakfast & a morning snack, had two meltdowns, stuffed magnets into the heating vent and I’ve had to reheat my coffee three times!  Is it nap time yet…?