Is it nap time yet?

In an earlier blog post My Glimpse into Morning Refuge I wrote about starting my day in a peaceful state before the madness began.  Ever since that entry I have tried to set my alarm & wake up before my son, but he always beats me to the punch; I swear he knows I’m trying to start my day without him!  Such a sweetheart but he definitely has a fear of missing out (#FOMO).

Every morning is a different adventure, especially since he is 16 months and ever-changing.  This morning was no exception.  My little man either caught a cold or is congested from playing in the foliage while picking apples & pumpkins, either way he hasn’t been sleeping at night.  Last night he was asleep and in bed by 8 PM but woke up coughing & crying at 9 PM, 11 PM, midnight, 2 AM, 5 AM and 6:30 AM. Needless to say, I maybe got 2 hours of sleep.  He didn’t sleep well the night before either (no shocker there, he normally wakes up at least twice), but I was hoping for a good un-interrupted 5 hours.

Exhausted & half asleep I decided to put him in bed with me to watch Mickey Mouse while I closed my eyes & slowly woke up.  By 7 AM he was bored & ready for breakfast.  We did our morning routine of making the bed & brushing our teeth before heading downstairs to the kitchen.  He drank a sippy cup of almond milk (whole milk upsets his stomach) while I put away last night’s dishes.  Once his milk was gone he was ready for a banana which he ate while taking all of the pots & pans out of the cabinet.  At 7:30 he ate a big bowl of multi-grain Cheerios while I quickly checked my e-mail and talked to my husband.  Eating cereal usually takes him 30 minutes since he likes to feed himself every other bite.

Once breakfast was finished and his cheerio-made chaos was cleaned up I decided to make Apple Cinnamon Muffins.  I put Curious George on the TV while I mixed my ingredients, but within 5 minutes my little man was in the kitchen ready to help.  I love his interest with cooking/baking so I let him stir the apples into the batter.  While pouring the batter into the muffin tins my quick, curious babe grabbed the glass measuring cup; in hindsight I should have used a metal one.  Before I could react it smashed to the floor, but I guess it’s not an adventure without an accident!  I put him in the pack n play so I could sweep and vacuum the glass pieces.  He seemed very content so I let him hang out in there with his stuffed animals while I FINALLY made a cup of coffee!  In those few moments to myself I wrote this blog entry which probably doesn’t make much sense since it was rushed, but it was such a busy weekend and I have not had the chance to write in a while.

It is only 9:30 AM and we’ve already made a mess, broke something, baked muffins, ate breakfast & a morning snack, had two meltdowns, stuffed magnets into the heating vent and I’ve had to reheat my coffee three times!  Is it nap time yet…?



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