What it means to be a Housewife in 2015

I feel that so many people have misconceptions about what it means to be a Housewife and a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM). Being a stay at home mom was a choice I made with my husband. It wasn’t an expectation of my husband for me to be “barefoot and pregnant”. It does not mean I get to sit on the couch eating bon-bons and watching Soaps all day; it does not mean I am not educated; it does not mean I am not organized, goal-oriented or passionate about life.

It does mean that every day is an adventure, especially now that my little nugget is one. It means I get to stay active without going to the gym, prepare healthy meals for my family and spend quality time with my son, witness all of his firsts and help him grow into a loving young man. Sadly, it also means wearing leggings, a loose fitted tee and my hair in a high bun almost EVERYDAY. I like to think of myself as being stylish when I need to be, but this college-attire has started to darken my mood.  It’s time to shake myself out of this comfortable funk & get back to making an effort!

Like so many other SAHM’s, I am blessed to have this opportunity. Follow me through my journey of building a beautiful home for my family and gain tips on staying stylish, fit and sane in the mad world of a toddler.

Housewife Meme


4 thoughts on “What it means to be a Housewife in 2015

  1. To be honest, when I get older and ready to have a family, I think it would be amazing to be a SAHM. You get to spend all your time with your loved ones, and plus nowadays there are so many opportunities and freelancing jobs stay at home moms can do.

    I really like your blog and I’m looking forward to your new posts, especially the pictures of your baby!

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