Working out without a gym

Getting a good workout in with a one year old seemed nearly impossible to me. I tried using the daycare provided by the gym, but my son kept getting sick from all the unwashed, germ-infested toys he was putting in his mouth. So to avoid sleepless nights taking care of a sick child I decided to take advantage of our daily routine instead.

The babe and I love going for walks around the neighborhood; we try to go for a walk at least once a day! To get the most out of our walks I do what I like to call ‘stroller-push outs’ going up each hill, mind you our neighborhood is very hilly. I extend my arms and push the stroller away from myself and then bring it back as if I were doing push-ups on the ground. I do this as many times as I can as I walk up each hill. It may sound silly but by the end of our walk I feel the burn in my legs, butt, arms & shoulders…that’s what I call a good, easy work out!


Including the babe into my workouts is easy & fun.  I  chase him around the house while doing lunges or we do super-baby sit ups together; he thinks he’s flying and I’m working my core!
Staying fit while having fun & spending time with my little man…that’s what life is all about!



3 thoughts on “Working out without a gym

  1. Doing ground push ups with the stroller sounds like a pretty good idea for a workout. I’ll have to try that next time :p I tried doing the T25 workouts at home a few months back but only managed about 10 days of co dude envy before giving up! Doing any structured workout with a toddler trying to get a piggy back ride every time you bent down is not easy!

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