Gym Style Goals

Though I wish I could make it to the gym everyday, it’s just unrealistic.  Between playdates, trips to the museum, working part-time and trying to keep my house in (somewhat) order, going to the gym always sits on the back burner.  With that being said, I am starting to make an effort and am slowly getting my son use to the daycare provided.

However, my New Year’s Resolution isn’t to get back to the gym, but to be stylish when I actually make it there.  I recently came across some fantastic new workout gear at Marshalls!  Each piece was only $16.99.  I love fashion on a dime!!!


If these sheer cutouts aren’t motivation to hit the gym, then I don’t know what is!


As always – comfortable & effortless housewife style xoxx

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Working out without a gym

Getting a good workout in with a one year old seemed nearly impossible to me. I tried using the daycare provided by the gym, but my son kept getting sick from all the unwashed, germ-infested toys he was putting in his mouth. So to avoid sleepless nights taking care of a sick child I decided to take advantage of our daily routine instead.

The babe and I love going for walks around the neighborhood; we try to go for a walk at least once a day! To get the most out of our walks I do what I like to call ‘stroller-push outs’ going up each hill, mind you our neighborhood is very hilly. I extend my arms and push the stroller away from myself and then bring it back as if I were doing push-ups on the ground. I do this as many times as I can as I walk up each hill. It may sound silly but by the end of our walk I feel the burn in my legs, butt, arms & shoulders…that’s what I call a good, easy work out!


Including the babe into my workouts is easy & fun.  I  chase him around the house while doing lunges or we do super-baby sit ups together; he thinks he’s flying and I’m working my core!
Staying fit while having fun & spending time with my little man…that’s what life is all about!