My 5 Décor Resolutions

It’s almost February, hopefully your resolutions are still holding strong!  This year instead of making personal resolutions I wanted to focus on our home, so when Wayfair reached out & asked if I would share my top 5 ways to update your home in 2018 I was ecstatic!  We moved into our house right after our son turned 1, which will make it 3 years this summer.  I loved turning this house into our home, but unfortunately I haven’t done much since we moved in.  It’s time for a refresh, ergo my 5 resolutions…

  • Declutter & minimalize

It’s easier said than done, but I need to periodically organize our home room by room.  This isn’t something I will do daily, but as we transition from season to season I need to decide on which items around the house need to be kept & stored, donated or thrown away.  Do we really need 7 blankets tossed behind the living room chair, or the numerous containers of Play-Doh that are starting to dry out?  That stack of outdated coupons can be recycled, but what about all of our phone chargers or my collection of food & fashion magazines?

For those items that never seem to have a place, I’ve opted for bins & baskets to keep them organized.  Large neutral baskets like the Sea Grass Basket pictured below from are great for storing blankets & throw pillows, while smaller basket sets are perfect for organizing magazines & mail in the living room and toiletries in the bathroom.  Using baskets likes these is an efficient way to store items without ruining the esthetic of your home.


20180131_085357 (3)

  • Toys – out of sight, out of mind

The older my son gets, the more “stuff” we seem to accumulate.  Not only does he love trucks, Transformers, and Nerf guns but he’s also getting into board games and arts & crafts.  I love that he uses his imagination to play & color, but I am running out of space to store everything.  This year, rather than have his board games stacked in the corner I have decided to house them in a storage ottoman.  Storage ottomans are great for creating extra seating while also minimalizing clutter around house.  I also recently found this fantastic art table by Step2 on Wayfair that I’m hoping will be my saving grace for all things arts & crafts.  If you have any other clever suggestions for storing toys please feel free to share!

20180131_170118 (1)

  • Time to up my style game

As a senior stylist for Stitch Fix and a part-time blogger, I love sharing daily outfit inspiration and styling tips.  As of late, my husband & selfie-stick have been my go-to photographers.  I need to up my style game this year & put together a creative space of my own to gather my thoughts & take pictures.  In order to do this, I need a fantastic full length mirror like the one pictured below from Wayfair, as well as some chic lighting, I’m thinking maybe a mini chandelier, and a clothing rack to showcase OOTD selections.  I’d also love to add a patterned accent chair where I can sit & blog or style my clients.  Be sure to visit Wayfair’s accent chair section to see their wide variety of options.


  • Fresh Flowers

This year, I am making an effort to have fresh flowers in our home year round.  I love having fresh flowers in every room, but I find myself only do so during the warmer months.  Not only do fresh flowers brighten a room but according to an article in The Huffington Post research shows that fresh flowers & plants can actually benefit your mental health.  Bold vibrant florals will bring energy to a room while brighter, less saturated flowers and plants will create a calming, relaxed effect.

You can’t show off fresh flowers without a beautiful vase!  I love being able to see the whole flower from stem to petal so I typically opt for a glass vase like this one pictured below.  These Latrece Glass Bottle Vases from are vintage-inspired & are currently priced at only $33.99.


  • Bathroom remodel without the construction

When we moved into our house a few years ago we knew that we wanted to remodel our master bath.  Unfortunately, we haven’t had the time nor the funds to tackle it yet, so in the meantime I am giving our bathroom a little face lift.  I am going to bring in pops of color & texture with a new shower curtain and thick, plush bath linens like the ones pictured below from Wayfair.  I am also going to incorporate cheeky, bath-influenced décor, better eco-friendly lighting and a new trash can & toothbrush holder in clean, white porcelain. Banda+3+Shower+Curtain


I really hope that this post has inspired you to make some changes/resolutions of your own.  When in doubt, feel free to browse ideas by room on

As always – comfortable & effortless housewife style xoxx


The 1,2,3’s of renovating a room

Renovating a room should be fun & stress-free.  For me, decorating a room is like styling clothes – sometimes it takes a while to find the right piece but I love the excitement of the hunt!  I’ve put together a few questions that help make (re)decorating a room a little easier:

  1. What am I using this space for?
  2. What is my color scheme/accent color?
  3. Am I incorporating a pattern with my rug, curtains and/or furniture?

When my husband & I moved into our new house this summer the room I was most eager to get my hands on was the Morning Room.  I wanted this room to be inviting and comfortable.  A place where we could sit and watch the sun rise & set, drink wine, discuss our day & entertain guests.

Since this room was going to be a place to relax & unwind we chose a calming color scheme of blue & grey.  The first step in our transformation was changing the paint color from a burnt orange to a tranquil blue called Jubilee (Sherwin Williams) – this made a huge difference!  If you can’t decide on a color scheme, take direction from one of the largest patterns in the room.  Maybe you have an oriental rug that you plan on keeping in your living room that could become the feature of your color story.


It’s important to stay flexible when looking for furniture.  I originally planned on incorporating a pattern with the two accent chairs, but couldn’t find any that I loved and ended up with a patterned Fretwork rug instead.  With the accent chairs and storage bench both being grey I realized I needed a pop of color – I chose yellow!  Blue & yellow are complementary colors on the color wheel and should technically be used in more formal areas of the house, but as with fashion I like to bend the “rules” with decor as well.  Don’t be afraid to mix patterns either.  I’m still on the hunt for a floral-patterned love seat or oversized chair to add to the Morning Room!

Whether you’re renovating your living room or adding decor to your bedroom, find a theme or color story that you love and run with it.  You’re the one that has to live with it, so make sure you’re happy!